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We have all heard the term "stewardship" before. Often, one may feel that "stewardship" is just a way to talk about financials and charitable giving. More specifically, one may think that stewardship is just a method to increase financial offerings to a parish or other entity. While stewardship does deal with finances, it may surprise you that finance is not its primary focus.

Stewardship is an integral element of our Parish Life. At Saint Luke, we have been actively involved in promoting Stewardship since 1991. Each year, during the weeks culminating with the feast of St. Luke in October, we examine our lives in the light of Stewardship.

Over the past two years, we have suggested that Stewardship can best be seen through the lens of prayer, presence and planning:

  • prayer, in which we join in communion with our Lord and celebrate the sacrament of Eucharist;
  • presence, in which we enter into deeper communion with our parish in fellowship and in service to others;
  • and planning, in which we examine how we use the gifts given us by the Creator to bring about the Kingdom of God. 

We encourage you to be "Stewards of God's Goodness ... Living the Gift of Faith Through Stewardship".

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