Ministry Purpose Statements

St. Luke Catholic Church Mission Statements

For information on ministries and how to join, please contact 

Therese Hartley at 317-259-4373 x248 or [email protected].

As Christ is present in His Church, Saint Luke Parish is the presence of the Church in our
community. Through our Catholic tradition we are devoted to prayer and worship, committed to
joyful service, generosity, and all works of Evangelization to make Christ present to His people.



COUNCILS – Msgr. Joseph Schaedel, [email protected]


St. Luke Pastoral Council

Purpose Statement: The Parish Pastoral Council consults with our Parish Pastor to foster full participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the parish and of the Universal Church including planning and policy-making affecting the parish. The Council is comprised of representatives from the Finance Council and the seven Commissions. At-large members are appointed by the Pastor.

Intercessory Saint: St. Thomas More


Finance Council

Purpose Statement: The Finance Council is a consultative body appointed by the Pastor to aid in the administration of parish goods. This group is mandated by the Code of Canon Law.

Intercessory Saint: St. Matthew the Apostle




CHRISTIAN SOCIAL ACTION – Therese Hartley, [email protected]


Beggars for the Poor

Purpose Statement: Our mission is to serve with respect and care the poor and the homeless of Indianapolis who have needs they are unable to fulfill.  We will serve by providing food, clothing, and personal care items to all who come without question of their need.  We will seek to see the face of Jesus in each person that we serve.

Intercessory Saint: St. Benedict Joseph Labre

Care for Creation

Purpose Statement: The Care for Creation Committee was created by the Christian Social Action Commission in order to increase and sustain an environmentally friendly operation of the church, environmental stewardship by church members, and environmental awareness and outreach to the community. We are guided by the love of all God's creation through the inspiration of St Francis of Assisi. 

Intercessory Saint:  St. Francis of Assisi

Christmas Store

Purpose Statement: This ministry supports the Catholic Charities Christmas store that serves the under-privileged in providing Christmas gifts for their families. During Advent, gifts are purchased by St. Luke members to supply store inventory. Every Advent, volunteers are needed to help distribute donation ornaments, collect donated gifts and deliver to the Xavier Building/Catholic Charities Christmas Store.

Intercessory Saint: St. Nicholas


Endowment Program

Purpose Statement: The Christian Social Action Endowment for Saint Luke Catholic Church was established by the Legacy of Hope Campaign to fund Christian Social Action initiatives at the parish, national, and international levels. Up to 5% of the endowment fund earnings is given each year in grants to various programs. This ministry accepts grant applications and makes recommendations to the Christian Social Action Commission on the disbursement of endowment funds.

Intercessory Saint: St. Francis of Assisi


First Sunday Sharing

Purpose Statement: In the Spirit of St John the Merciful, 1st Sunday Sharing is a ministry that gives parishioners the opportunity to participate to the Lord’s call to bring food and clothing to those in need by bringing in non-perishable food and men’s clothing on the first weekend of every month. This reminds everyone in our St Luke parish that we are happiest when we share with others.

Intercessory Saint: St. John the Merciful

Holy Family Shelter

Purpose Statement: This ministry supports Holy Family Shelter, an emergency shelter for homeless families that provides food, shelter, basic material needs and a safe place for families in crisis.

Intercessory Saint: The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph


Indiana Catholic Conference
Purpose Statement: Indiana Catholic Conference (ICC) is the statewide coordinating body for the five Roman Catholic Dioceses in Indiana. Its basic purpose is to serve the spiritual, moral and material well-being of the people of the state by (1) serving as the official spokesperson for the Bishops and Catholic faithful regarding state and national matters; (2) representing the Church and developing cooperative relationship where common public policy interests exist with religious and civic, social and governmental units; and (3) serving as liaison between the Catholic Church in Indiana and national Catholic groups in areas of common public policy interests.
Intercessory Saint: St. Thomas More


St. Luke Pro-Life Ministry 

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the St. Luke Pro-Life Ministry is to draw awareness to the undeniable tragedy of abortion resulting in over 64 million babies being killed since 1973, to recognize the devastating physical and psychological trauma that post abortive mothers’ experience and the effect of abortion on society as a whole. Through our efforts we want to imitate Christ by helping mothers that are in a crisis pregnancy by providing prayerful spiritual support and to stand as witnesses for the babies of abortion by participating in a variety of pro-life public events. 

Intercessory Saints: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pope St. John Paul II and St. Gianna Molla


St. Vincent de Paul

Purpose Statement: Our parish St. Vincent de Paul Conference seeks to serve the poor of our community by providing material and financial assistance to those in need. By personally serving with dignity and humility those seeking our help and providing support and consolation to them in their time of need, we strive to live the Gospel message of love for all Christ’s people and to demonstrate our Catholic faith in action to those we serve and to our community. 

Intercessory Saint: St. Vincent de Paul


Thanksgiving Sharing

Purpose Statement: The St. Luke Thanksgiving Sharing ministry annually provides Thanksgiving food baskets to food-insecure families in central Indiana, inclusive of turkey and all the trimmings. One of the parish’s longest-standing ministries, the group utilizes volunteers throughout November to acquire food and monetary donations, develop recipient lists, assemble the food baskets, and deliver the week of Thanksgiving.

Intercessory Saint: Moses, Patron Saint of Thanksgiving



EVANGELIZATION – Therese Hartley, [email protected]



Purpose Statement: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:19-20) The Evangelization Commission purpose is to keep the Church’s mission of making the presence of Jesus known by proclaiming his word and through our personal example.

Intercessory Saint: St. Luke



FAITH FORMATION – Sister Diane Carollo, [email protected]


Adult Faith Formation, Confirmation, First Eucharist, First Reconciliation, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults/Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIA/RCIC), Sunday Morning Religious Education (SMRE)

Purpose Statement: The primary objective of all religious education efforts and ongoing catechesis for adults is to promote the New Evangelization, which invites and encourages men, women and children to develop a renewed, first-time encounter, or deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. The desire that Christ’s love set the earth ablaze is the ultimate goal of all ministries that evangelize, catechize and conduct ongoing faith formation. 

Intercessory Saint: St. Thomas Aquinas



Purpose Statement: The Special Religious Development (SPRED) program wishes to assist our parish in its efforts to welcome adults with developmental disabilities. We hope to make these adults aware of God in their lives and His love for them. This will enhance their dignity and value in our faith community. Our parishioners, who serve as catechists, become a small community of faith and grow in an awareness of the experience of God in their own lives.

Intercessory Saint: St. Angela of Merici, St. Margaret of Castello



PARISH LIFE – Erin Jeffries, [email protected]


Retired Men’s Group

Purpose Statement: Originating from a Disciples in Mission group, this ministry of retirement-aged men meet monthly for a social gathering with a spiritual bend including speakers from the archdiocese with information on a variety of topics.

Intercessory Saint: St. Anthony of Padua



Purpose Statement: Our mission is to provide our senior parishioners, men and women alike, with opportunities for prayer, fellowship and learning through speakers on various topics.  To do this we meet once a month for Mass, a meal, and various learning and social opportunities. 

Intercessory Saint: St. Jeanne Jugan, Patroness Saint of the Elderly and Destitute


Good Samaritans

Purpose Statement: The Good Samaritans would like to be like angels delivering comfort food to the spent families and friends who haven’t taken the time to eat and take care of themselves during their time of loss. Our ministry participants prefer to stay anonymous and as invisible as possible so that families are not obligated to show appreciation but can spend needed time with loved ones and fellow mourners. Our aim is for families to finally sit down and share a warm meal while reminiscing and sharing stories about those who are no longer with us on earth.
Intercessory Saint: St. Gertrude the Great


Knights of Columbus

Purpose Statement: We are Catholic Men formed around our core commitments to a) Evangelization & Faith Formation, b) Defending Right to Life & Religious Freedom issues, c) Pastoral support, parish family & youth enrichment, and d) Charitable service to our surrounding community. We achieve these commitments by the works we do as informed by our four core principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.

Intercessory Saint: Blessed Fr. Michael J. McGivney


Mothers of St. Luke (Formerly MOYC/MAMAS) 

Purpose Statement: We strive to provide a supportive and loving community for mothers in the Catholic community to gather for prayer, guidance and strength in faith, and growth in relationship with God. We provide space for fellowship and encouragement in our vocation as mothers in our Catholic Tradition through prayer, theological discussion, and social events.
Intercessory Saint: Mary, Mother of Jesus



Boy Scouts of America (BSA) 

Purpose Statement: The mission of the BSA Scouts (Boy Scouts of America) is to prepare young people – both boys and girls – to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. 

Intercessory Saint: St. George


Girl Scouts of the USA 

Purpose Statement: The Mission of Girl Scouts is to inspire girls with the highest ideals of character, conduct, patriotism, and service so that they may become strong, confident, and resourceful women and future leaders.

Intercessory Saint: St. Agnes


Youth Ministry

Purpose Statement: St. Luke Youth Ministry provides spiritual, social and service opportunities for our junior high and high school youth to grow in relationship with Christ and His Church by encouraging a virtuous and sacramental life, and accompanying them to fully live as His disciples.

Intercessory Saints: Pope St. John Paul II and St. Joan of Arc


Young Adult

Purpose Statement: The St. Luke Young Adult Ministry is a community that encourages and empowers young adults as we travel through our personal spiritual journeys, seeking to hold each other accountable as we strive to live the Gospel daily. The cornerstones of this group are Scripture, faith, and friendship.

Intercessory Saints: St. Therese and St. Padre Pio



Purpose Statement: The St. Luke Athletic Committee (SLAC) is a standing committee of the St. Luke Parish Life Commission. SLAC has been established as the policy-making and planning body for St. Luke Parish Athletics. that include the St. Luke CYO Athletic programs for parish youth. SLAC policy and decisions shall be binding throughout the parish upon written ratification by the Pastor.

Intercessory Saint: Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati


CYO Sports
Purpose Statement: St Luke participates in athletic and enrichment opportunities of the Catholic Youth Organization, a ministry of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, whose mission is to deepen relationships with Jesus Christ and one another, celebrate the God-given gifts of each individual, and enhance the faith formation and personal development of youth. 

Intercessory Saint: Mary, Our Lady of Victory


Adult B-Ball
Purpose Statement: Basketball for men in the "over 30" crowd is scheduled for every Tuesday evening with a focus on friendly competition in a faith-filled environment.

Intercessory Saint: St. Sebastian




SCHOOL MINISTRY - Johnathan Grismore, [email protected]


St. Luke Catholic School Mission Statement:

St. Luke Catholic School, with the love of Jesus Christ as our model and guide, is devoted to teaching Catholic Doctrine and practice to each student by providing a curriculum dedicated to academic excellence.


The St. Luke Catholic Preschool

Purpose Statement: With the love of Jesus Christ as our model and guide, St. Luke Preschool is dedicated to serving the St. Luke staff and families of the St. Luke Catholic Church, School, and community. This ministry seeks to provide a joyful and secure environment for young children to commence a love of learning through a play-based curriculum. We believe play is the work of children and is essential to their healthy development that will guide each child towards a successful start at St. Luke Catholic School. With teachers as a Catholic guide, every child at the St. Luke Catholic Preschool will develop a lasting relationship with Jesus as they pray, play, explore, question, and learn together.

Intercessory Saint: Mary, Mother of God



SPIRITUAL LIFE – Erin Jeffries, [email protected]



Purpose Statement: Cursillo started in 1944 in Majorca Spain, as a “small course” (the literal English translation of the word). It involves a three-day retreat meant to empower Catholics by strengthening their faith and giving them the tools and encouragement to live their faith in their daily lives.
Intercessory Saint: Blessed Eduardo Bonnín Aguiló


Mary’s Way

Purpose Statement: Mary’s Way is a Catholic Women’s Ministry whose mission is to deepen our love and faith in Jesus Christ, by following the perfect example of His mother, our Blessed Mother, Mary. Our ministry is faithful and obedient to the Magisterium of the church and receptive to the work of the Holy Spirit. We joyfully strive to integrate the fullness and beauty of our Faith into our lives while fulfilling our God-given vocations to know, to love and to serve God within our families, parishes, and community. Dinner, fellowship, song, prayer, and an inspirational speaker assist us when we gather. 

Intercessory Saint: Mary, the Blessed Mother


Prayer Chain

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the St Luke Prayer Chain is to share our faith in God, and in His loving and healing presence within our lives and community. Through weekly, emailed communication, we intercede for the needs of those challenged by illness and other difficulties, and offer prayers on their behalf. This prayerful act of love and caring may bring comfort, faith and healing while bringing others closer to Christ.

Intercessory Saint: Raphael the Archangel


Perpetual Adoration

Purpose Statement: The mission of the St. Luke adoration chapel is to provide an intimate setting where one may adore Christ, truly present in the Eucharist, through prayer, reading, conversation and silence, allowing him to pierce their hearts with his love and mercy. In doing this, we seek to pray in a special way for an increase of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Our vision is to have the full participation of the parish, such that true perpetual adoration is revived and realized. 

Intercessory Saint: Pope St. John Paul II


Martha Ministry

Purpose Statement: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4)

When a death occurs, life for those who live on, changes forever. The mission of Marth Ministry is to offer prayers, support, and bereavement resources to those who grieve the loss of a loved one. Just as Jesus comforted Martha and Mary, we reach out to comfort those who mourn. Martha Ministry is a ministry of grace and healing during times of heartache and loss of a loved one.

Intercessory Saint: St. Martha


SLAMMERS (St. Luke Men’s Morning Sharing)

Purpose Statement: The aim of SLAMMERS is the magnification of faith and fellowship by collective study and application of scripture, in order to bring others closer to Christ through the example of our lives.

Intercessory Saint: St. Paul, the Apostle


Baptismal Preparation

Purpose Statement: Catechists help prepare parents for the Baptism of their children, including coming to a greater understanding of the theology of Baptism, belonging to the Church, the responsibilities that Baptism brings, and the role of Godparents. Parents are also advised on skills in catechizing young children, and on resources and opportunities available to them through the parish and school.  

Intercessory Saint: St. John the Baptist


Marriage Preparation
Purpose Statement: As a vital part of the process to help our engaged couples prepare for their lifelong vocation in the sacrament of marriage, St. Luke couples are invited to act as sponsor couples, who through several meetings form a relationship and journey with these couples; including administering the premarital inventory, and fostering discussion within the engaged couple.

Intercessory Saint: St. Peter ToRot


That Man Is You (TMIY)

Purpose Statement: Under the guidance of St. John Bosco, the men of That Man is You strive to discover the superabundance of God’s power and mercy in our lives, and to live in ever closer harmony with His will as fathers, husbands and brothers.

Intercessory Saint: St. John Bosco


St. Joseph’s M.V.P.S.

Purpose Statement: The St. Joseph’s MVPS (Men Valuing Prayer and Service) hosts an annual evening of comradery and fellowship for the men of our parish and guests. The Catholic men's ministry strives to follow St. Joseph’s example of faithfulness to families, service to parish and community, and prayer. Guest invitations are also extended to St Luke CYO coaches, male administrators and coaches of Bishop Chatard, Cathedral and Brebeuf High Schools and seminarians and local priests Inspirational speakers fill the soul, and a great dinner nourishes the body.

Intercessory Saint: St. Joseph


Vocations Committee

Purpose Statement: The St Luke Vocations Committee is committed to praying for and promoting an increase in religious vocations. Under the leadership of the pastor, the committee supports the vocation programming in the parish and school.

Patron Saint: St. Junipero Serra


Liturgy Committee

Purpose Statement: The primary purpose of the Liturgy Committee is to provide and maintain an environment, guided by the Sacred Liturgy and other established norms, and a prayerful focus, which encourages” full 

conscious and active participation” in the liturgical celebrations to help nourish the hearts and minds of St. Luke parishioners. 

Intercessory Saint: St. Giuseppe Maria Tommasi 


Music Ministries

Purpose Statement: Music ministries enhance the liturgical life of our church during Mass, devotions, and other times of communal prayer. Volunteers who play an instrument or sind encourage and support the participation of everyone present by expressing through music that which cannot be expressed by words alone. Music ministry is no about performing; it is about creating an atmosphere of prayerful worship, and unifying the gathered people of God through sung and instrumental music.

Intercessory Saint: Pope St. Gregory the Great


Arts & Environment

Purpose Statement: The Arts & Environment Committee directs and implements the liturgical seasonal decorating of the Church, especially at Easter, Christmas and special Holy Days. 

Intercessory Saint: St. Catherine of Bologna


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Purpose Statement: Bringing the immense joy of Jesus in the sacramental gift of our faith, formally Commissioned Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) may be called upon to assist our priests, when required, in the administration of the Sacred Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion, to those in a state of grace, during Mass as well as to those unable to receive the Sacrament in church due to illness or infirmity.  Sacramental requirements must be met, and training is provided.

Intercessory Saint: St. Teresa of Avila



Purpose Statement: Our purpose is to clearly and prayerfully communicate God’s Word by proclaiming the Scriptures at Holy Mass, in order to share God’s love with our community in a way that enables parishioners to open their hearts and minds to the words and messages of the readings.   Through proper training and a prayerful review of the lectionary we seek to deliver the readings in a manner that aids in understanding, reflection and recollection of the important message of God’s Word. Sacramental requirements must be met, and training is provided.

Intercessory Saint: St. John Chrysostom



Purpose Statement: Sacristans undertake the overall preparation of liturgical celebrations, including Holy Days, by preparing the altar, ambo, credence table and gifts for the offertory. Sacristans work in harmony with the pastor, making sure the vestments, linens, church furnishings, liturgical vessels and decorative objects are kept in good condition. Sacramental requirements must be met, and training is provided.

Intercessory Saint: St. Therese of Liseux


Linen Care
Purpose Statement: Linen Care Sacristans take care of the washing and folding of the purificators, towels and other liturgical linens used during all Masses.
Intercessory Saint: St. Hunna


Altar Servers Ministry

Purpose Statement: The role of an Altar Server is to assist the priest in the celebration of Mass through actions and active participation in the liturgy. Servers carry the cross, processional candle(s), the incense and censer; hold the book for the priest celebrant; present the bread, wine and water during the preparation of the gifts. Sacramental requirements must be met, and training is provided.
Intercessory Saint: St. John Berchman, the patron saint of Altar Servers.


Ministers of Hospitality

Purpose Statement: Welcome visitors to St Luke and assist with their participation in the liturgy.

Intercessory Saint: St. Meinrad


Communion to the Sick

Purpose Statement: Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist literally bring Jesus to the sick and homebound through the Sacrament of the Eucharist as recommended in the revised rite for the “Pastoral Care of the Sick”. Sacramental requirements must be met, and training is provided.

Intercessory Saint: St. Tarcisius


STEWARDSHIP & EVANGELIZATION – Therese Hartley, [email protected]


Buildings & Grounds

Purpose Statement: In conjunction with the Parish Facilities Manager, the Buildings & Grounds Committee is the policy-making and planning body for the St. Luke property and facilities. 

Intercessory Saint: St. Joseph


Coffee and Doughnuts

Purpose Statement: Coffee and Doughnuts is a ministry that brings people together to enjoy the treat of doughnuts and casual fellowship following the celebration of the liturgy on alternate Sunday mornings after the 7:30am and 9:30am Masses. 

Intercessory Saint: St. Nicholas


Fall Festival

Purpose Statement: The Fall Festival Steering Committee organizes, plans and implements the Annual Fall Festival on the 3rd weekend of September. Fall Fest kicks off the parish stewardship season. Proceeds benefit parish ministries, yet the emphasis is on creating an opportunity for all parishioners and friends to enjoy wholesome entertainment, food, fellowship and fun while kicking off our parish stewardship season.

Intercessory Saint: St. Medard, patron of good weather!


Hot Dog Nights
Purpose Statement: The Hot Dog Night ministry provides a summer opportunity for food, fun and fellowship for parishioners in a casual, outdoor environment. The ministry coordinates weekly hosts from various parish ministries to cook hot dogs and brats for participants, who in turn bring a pitch-in item to share.

Intercessory Saint: St. Lawrence


Trivia Night

Purpose Statement: The annual Trivia Night is a fun evening filled with laughter and joy as the attendees partake in trivia and fellowship. Food and drinks are a plenty as the participants dress up St Luke-style and work together as a team to win the bragging rights of being that year’s winner! Ministry members plan, coordinate and host the event with proceeds benefitting St Luke ministries especially our parish school. This is a collaboration of both the school and church working together to pull off this fun event. 

Intercessory Saint: St. Philip Neri, Patron Saint of Laughter and Joy


Welcoming Committee

Purpose Statement: Welcoming Committee members provide hospitality to new parishioners, and help orient them to parish activities. Members greet new registrants at registration tables after Masses once a month; provide follow up phone calls to new members; and host quarterly New Member Events where parish information is shared, tours of the facility are given, and questions are encouraged of those entering our faith community.

Intercessory Saint: St. Benedict

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