Guideline for Discussions

Guideline for our discussions:

  1. Discussion of Scriptural Directives

-Read the "Great Commission" as found in Matthew 28:18-20 and have open discussion

-Read Acts 2:42-47 and have open discussion.

-Read and discuss 2 Timothy 4:1-5.1

  1. What is the purpose/mission of the ministry or parish organization?

-What are we doing well?

-What could be improved? What can we let go of? What should we adopt?

-How does our mission fit within the larger mission/vision of the parish?

-How, when, why, and with whom do we collaborate? Are we working together, or competing?

  1. Principles of the New Evangelization

1. Encountering Jesus

-How is what we do an encounter with Jesus (for others, and ourselves)?

-Are we deliberate and intentional about making our work an encounter with Jesus? How so?

2. The Personal Call of Jesus

-Jesus calls us collectively, but also as individuals, to be His disciples: how does what we do help others hear Jesus' personal call? How does what we do help us to hear and answer that call?

3. Ongoing formation leading to total transformation

-How does what we do help to form others in the faith as disciples of Jesus?

-How does it help others to answer the call to discipleship?

- How does what we do help us to be formed and transformed in holiness?

4. Being sent by Jesus/Mission

-How does what we do equip others to answer the call to mission?

-How is our work the mission of Jesus? Is it His mission, or just our own?

-What does it mean to be sent by Jesus in His own name?

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