Ministry Purpose Statements


St. Luke Catholic Church Mission Statement


As Christ is present in His Church, Saint Luke Parish is the presence of the Church in our community. Through our Catholic tradition we are devoted to prayer and worship, committed to joyful service, generosity, and all works of Evangelization to make Christ present to His people.

St. Luke Pastoral Council

Purpose Statement:

The Parish Pastoral Council consults with our Parish Pastor to foster full participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the parish and of the Universal Church

Intercessory Saint: St. Thomas More

The St. Luke Catholic Preschool

Purpose Statement:

With the love of Jesus Christ as our model and guide, St. Luke Preschool is dedicated to serving the St. Luke staff and families of the St. Luke Catholic Church, School, and community. This ministry seeks to provide a joyful and secure environment for young children to commence a love of learning through a play-based curriculum. We believe play is the work of children and is essential to their healthy development that will guide each child towards a successful start at St. Luke Catholic School. With teachers as a Catholic guide, every child at the St. Luke Catholic Preschool will develop a lasting relationship with Jesus as they pray, play, explore, question, and learn together.

Intercessory Saint: Mary, Mother of God

SLAMMERS (St. Luke Men’s Morning Retreat)

Purpose Statement:

Magnification of male faith and fellowship by collective study and application of scripture, while bringing others closer to Christ through the example of our lives.

Intercessory Saint: St. Paul, the Apostle

That Man Is You (TMIY)

Purpose Statement:

Under the guidance of St. John Bosco, the men of That Man is You strive to discover the superabundance of God’s power and mercy in our lives, and to live in ever closer harmony withHis will as fathers, husbands and brothers.

Intercessory Saint: St. John Bosco

Youth Ministry

Purpose Statement:

St. Luke Youth Ministry provides spiritual, social and service opportunities for our junior high and high school youth to grow in relationship with Christ and His Church by encouraging a virtuous and sacramental life, and accompanying them to fully live as His disciples.

Youth Ministry Intercessory Saints: St John Paul II and St Joan of Arc

Young Adult

Purpose Statement:

The St. Luke Young Adult Ministry is a community that encourages and empowers young adults as we travel through our personal spiritual journeys, seeking to hold each other accountable as we strive to live the Gospel daily. The cornerstones of this group are Scripture, faith, and friendship.

Young Adult Intercessory Saints: St. Therese and St. Padre Pio

St. Vincent de Paul

Purpose Statement:

Our St. Luke St. Vincent de Paul Conference seeks to serve the poor in our community by providing material and financial assistance to those in need. By personally serving with dignity and humility those seeking our help, we strive to live the Gospel message of love for all Christ’s people, and to demonstrate our Catholic faith in action to those we serve and to our community.

Intercessory Saint: St. Vincent de Paul

First Sunday Sharing

Purpose Statement:

First Sunday Sharing allows us to respond to Christ’s love for us by sharing our God given gifts of time, talent, and treasure with the homeless with Christ-like respect and dignity during difficult times.

Parishioners participate to this call by bringing in non-perishable food and men’s clothing on the first weekend of every month.

First Sunday Sharing Intercessory Saint: T-B-D

Ministers of Hospitality

Purpose Statement:

Welcome visitors to St Luke and assist with their participation in the liturgy.

Intercessory Saint: St Meinrad

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Purpose Statement:

Bringing the immense joy of Jesus in the sacramental gift of our faith, formally Commissioned Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) may be called upon to assist our priests, when required, in the administration of the Sacred Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion, to those in a state of grace, during Mass as well as to those unable to receive the Sacrament in church due to illness or infirmity.

Intercessory Saint: St. Teresa of Avila

Liturgy Committee

Purpose Statement:

The primary purpose of the Liturgy Committee is to provide and maintain an environment, guided by the Sacred Liturgy and other established norms, and a prayerful focus , which encourages” full conscious and

active participation” in the liturgical celebrations to help nourish the hearts and minds of St. Luke parishioners.

Intercessory Saint: St. Giuseppe Maria Tommasi


Purpose Statement:

Our purpose is to clearly and prayerfully communicate God’s Word by proclaiming the Scriptures at Holy Mass, in order to share God’s love with our community in a way that enables parishioners to open their hearts and minds to the words and messages of the readings. Through proper training and a prayerful review of the lectionary we seek to deliver the readings in a manner that aids in understanding, reflection and recollection of the important message of God’s Word.

Intercessory Saint: St. John Chrysostom.

Mary’s Way Purpose Statement:

Mary’s WAY is a Catholic Women’s Ministry whose mission is to deepen our love and faith in Jesus Christ, by following the perfect example of His mother, our Blessed Mother, Mary. Our ministry is faithful and obedient to the Magisterium of the church and receptive to the work of the Holy Spirit. We joyfully strive to integrate the fullness and beauty of our Faith into our lives while fulfilling our God-given vocations to know, to love and to serve God within our families, parishes, and community. Dinner, fellowship, song, prayer,

and an inspirational speaker assist us when we gather.

Intercessory Saint: Mary, the Blessed Mother

Altar Servers Ministry Purpose Statement:

The role of an Altar Server is to assist the priest in the celebration of Mass through actions and active participation in the liturgy. Servers carry the cross, processional candle(s), the incense and censer; hold the book for the priest celebrant; present the bread, wine and water during the preparation of the gifts.

Intercessory Saint: St John Berchman, the patron saint of Altar Servers.

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