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St. Luke is happy to provide several athletic opportunities for our parishioners. Some CYO opportunties start at grade 3, but please check out the sports and grade offerings for each sport season. 

To register for CYO sports
please click THE 
YELLOW the status button
for the sport you are tryin
g to register.


Once you have registered at St. Luke, you must then register at CYO for each sport that your athlete intends to play throughout the school year. St. Luke registration collects payment, but CYO registration ensures eligibility and that you understand all sport policies. You are able to register once at the start of the year for all sports.  


St. Luke






Athletic Pass

$50 OPEN  
Boys Football $170 OPEN 3-8th
Girls Kickball (Fall 2019) $90 OPEN 3-8th
Co-Ed Cross Country $80 OPEN 3-8th
Girls Basketball $105 CLOSED 4-8th
Boys Basketball $125 CLOSED 4-8th
Girls Volleyball $115 CLOSED 4-8th
Boys Volleyball $115 CLOSED 4-8th
High School Basketball $105 CLOSED 9-12th
Boys Wrestling $100 CLOSED 5-8th
Little Rams Wrestling $55 CLOSED K-4th
Co-Ed Soccer $95 CLOSED 5-8th
Co-Ed Track & Field $90 CLOSED 4-8th
Boys Baseball $120 CLOSED 7 & 8th
Girls Kickball (Spring) $90 CLOSED 3-8th
Girls Softball $120 Upon Request  
Girls Cheerleading $50 OPEN 3-8th
4th Grade Intramural Football $50 CLOSED 4th

If you have any registration or payment questions, please contact Jay Snyder, Director of Student Activities. If you do not already have a St. Luke account, click here to set up your web account username and password. If you do have a St. Luke account, just click on the registration below. All late registrations will be charged a $25 late fee!!


If you register your child within the posted regular registration deadline and you decide to withdraw, you will be given a refund for the entire amount minus a $15.00 processing fee.  Once evaluations have taken place and teams are drafted, NO REFUNDS will be given for withdrawals from the sport.  Please note: in the case of the sports without an evaluation process (cross country, football, cheerleading, soccer, baseball, softball and track), NO REFUNDS will given once the first practice has occurred.