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Prayers For Covid Pandemic

Daily Prayers To Pray During The Pandemic

It’s a longstanding Jewish Tradition to pray at various times during the day. The Catholic Church continues this wonderful theme by praying the various hours of the Liturgy of the Hours—the official prayer of the Church.

When I was growing up in Beech Grove, walking home from school past Saint Francis Hospital, the hospital bell tower always rang at 3:00 p.m. I just thought it was a bell was rejoicing with us that school was over! Later on, I learned it rang at the 3:00 p.m. because all of the Franciscan Sisters who staffed the hospital had a custom of praying precisely at 3:00 p.m. for the dying. What a beautiful thought!

I think it could be a good idea to do this during the pandemic. Below are suggestions of prayer times and intentions for each day. Each prayer is very brief. You might clip this out and keep it with you wherever you are.

8:00 AMPrayer for those infected with the virus and all who are ill.

Lord, place your healing hand on those who suffer illness. Bring them to full health and ease their anxious hearts. May our prayer and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary encourage them that they are not alone. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

NoonPrayer for health care workers and those attending to the sick.

Lord, we are ennobled by those who put their lives at risk in caring for the sick. Keep them safe and embolden them when they are weary. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

3:00 PM Prayer for first responders and essential workers.

Lord, we pray for those who run to danger and keep us safe and those who serve the common good. Embrace them with your mantle of protection and comfort the fears of their families. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen!

6:00 PMPrayer for people of every nation and their leaders.

Lord, the pandemic opens our eyes to each other as brother and sisters in one human family. We pray for people of every nation and their leaders, asking that they be inspired to seek the good of all and quell the voices of division. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

9:00 PMPrayer for those who have died today.

Lord, we grieve the passing of our sisters and brothers who have died this day. We commend them to your tender mercy, confident that nothing, not even death, will separate us from your love. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

The parish staff and I will uplift you in prayer each and every day. Pray for each other. United in Faith, with our eyes fixed on the Cross, we can overcome this time of peril and be stronger in our faith and love for each other.

Monsignor Schaedel