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Q: Will the musical be canceled or rescheduled?

  • A: Due to the school being closed until the end of the year, we are disappointed to announce that we will not be able to have our spring musical performances. We appreciate your support of the arts at St. Luke.  Ticket purchases for our annual musical cover expenses for the lights, sound, costumes, set, props, etc.  Since we were one week from opening, we already incurred a great deal of those expenses. We had already made the set, created costumes, and purchased/made many of the props. We were able to cancel our rentals for light and sound equipment and recoup some of our costs. 
    • Those of you that purchased tickets have two options.  
      • Option 1:  You may consider your purchase a donation to the school musical program to help offset the expenses we already incurred.  The sets, props, and many costumes are now part of our St. Luke collection and will be used in future shows. During the fall the St. Luke musical staff will select our musical for Spring 2021 and Suessical, Jr. will be on the list to consider.  There is no action needed to do this. Your donation will be listed on your annual contribution statement from the church.
      • Option 2: You may request a ticket refund by completing this form by April 24, 2020.  Refund checks will be issued by the parish office in early May.  
    • We are saddened for everyone that worked so hard for this performance, but we especially sympathize with the eighth graders. We have nine cast members in eighth grade. We can’t wait to see them on stage during high school!

Q:  Will I receive my registration fees back from Spring Sports since they have been cancelled?

  • A: The Parish office sent an email recently to all families that had registered for Spring CYO Sports issuing instructions for how to request a refund for your registration fees. The email would have been sent to the email address of the parent who registered the child for the CYO Sports. A copy of that form is attached HERE. The forms should be submitted to Sue Reynolds at sreynolds@stluke.org no later than April 19th. Any inquiries about this process should be directed to Mrs. Reynolds, as well.

Q:  Will the weekly Ram Page continue during this time period?

  • A:  We will not be sending out the weekly Ram Page, with the implementation of Morning Announcements and the creation of the COVID-19 section on the St. Luke Website.  Rest assured you will not miss any information that normally would have come through the Ram Page.  We are just trying to streamline communication channels currently as parents are receiving so much information due to eLearning.  If you have something you would normally send for implementation in the Ram Page, continue to send it to schoolcommunications@stluke.school and we will ensure it is communicated.  

Q: What if my student did not finish their NWEA testing?

  • A:  Tests that are not complete at this point will not be finished. 


Should you have a question for which you do not see an answer, please send a message to schoolcommunications@stluke.school and we will work to get you an answer and provide that answer for other families, as well.