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Helping Children Reach Their Potential

St. Luke Catholic School is open to all who are interested in a Catholic education.  Our mission is to model the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and we are dedicated to educating students in Catholic doctrine and practice.  As a result, St. Luke Catholic School graduates students who are prepared to attain their spiritual, academic, social, physical, emotional and creative potentials to make a positive difference in God’s world.

Our approach to education may be characterized as “progressively traditional” in that we still teach cursive handwriting, we use multi-sensory phonics, our English grammar includes sentence diagramming, we emphasize math computation and problem solving. We utilize technology in all areas of the curriculum including reading, writing and rhetoric in order to become competent communicators in the twenty-first century.

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Please contact our Assistant Principal, focused on Admissions, if you would like more information or if you would like to begin the admissions process for your child.

Jennifer Schaefer – Assistant Principal

317-255-3912, ext 257