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2019-2020 SMRE Calendar  updated 8/26/19

SMRE PRESCHOOL is conducted from 9:30 to 10:30 AM. Children from 3-4 years of age may be registered.  Click here for online registration. Here is the form in PDF format.


To register, including paying the SMRE fee, which covers a portion of the costs of the program, including textbooks, please use this link to access our online payment system.  This is a link for a paper SMRE enrollment form.

Confirmation Information and Materials



The Confirmation Class of 2019-2020

SMRE families can download the paper 2019-2020 Confirmation Form for SMRE students by clicking here.

Confirmation candidates will no longer be using paper time sheets for their Christian Service Projects. See pages 4 - 7 in the Confirmation Handbook   for details on the 25 hours of Christian Service and MobileServe. All parents will be contacted via email by the end of July with specific instructions regarding the use of MobileServe.

There will be a mandatory parent meeting on Thursday, September 5, from 7 PM until 8 PM in the Fr. Courtney Reception Room. There will be a make-up meetingon Sunday, September 8, from 12:30 PM until 1:30 PM.

2019-2020 Confirmation Handbook

The Confirmation Calendar is included in the general SMRE Calendar that can be downloaded here (updated 8/26/19).

For more information, contact Sr. Diane Carollo.

Catechetical Sunday



Catechetical Sunday, a national day to celebrate the ministry of passing on the faith, will be September 15, 2019.  The theme is: “Stay with Us.”  
"We are living in a secularized society which continues to squeeze Christianity to the margins, or completely out of engagement with Jesus Christ and the Church. At the same time, we are blessed with an incredibly generous cohort of faithful who are sacramentally graced to give Gospel witness in their homes, schools and workplace, if only they were invited, trained and supported in their outreach as missionary disciples."   Read more at USCCB.