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The St. Luke School Commission is an advisory body to the pastor and principal that primarily deals with policy development, planning and budgeting for the school. Members of the commission serve a three year term. You can click on the name to email the member.

Our Mission

The St. Luke School Commission is committed to ensuring excellence in education and faith formation in a Catholic environment.   Strategic Plan 2014-2017

St. Luke School Commission Roster 2017-2018




Heslin, Dan S 2018 President
Kumler, Katie S 2018 Vice-President
Bauer, Andy S 2017 Treasure
McCusker, Kevin AL 2018 Secretary
Esposito, Valerie S 2017  
Maribeth Cloud S 2019  
MacGill, Sue AL 2017  
Jim Naughton S 2017  
Derek Hileman S 2019  
Terri Moore AL 2019  
Bob Stapleton S 2019  
Non-Voting Members    

Msgr. Schaedel

Kissel, Elizabeth   Principal, Admin Officer
Borland, Beth   Assistant Principal
Rotz, Jen   Pastorial Council Rep
Heather Allen   PTO President


Meeting Calendar/Meeting Minutes

St. Luke School Commission meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. Guests are welcome.  Dates for the 2017-2018 school year are listed below.   Click on the date to access meeting minutes. They will be updated after the commission releases them.


2016-2017 School Commission Meeting Minutes

2015-2016 School Commission Meeting Minutes

2014-2015 School Commission Meeting Minutes

2013-2014 School Commission Meeting Minutes