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The St. Luke Catholic School Commission is an advisory body to the pastor and principal that primarily deals with policy development, planning and budgeting for the school. Members of the commission serve a three year term. To ask a question of any of our current Commission members, click on their hyperlinked names below. 

Our Mission

The St. Luke Catholic School Commission is committed to ensuring excellence in education and faith formation in a Catholic environment.  To further explore how this mission is accomplished, please feel free to reference any of the documents below:

Our Current Commission Members


Term Concludes

Position Liaison to Ministry
Kevin McCusker 2021 - 2022 President  
Rob Stapleton 2020 - 2021 Vice-President  
Larry O'Brien  2021 - 2022 Treasurer Finance Committee
Mary Jo  Woodside  2020 - 2021 Secretary, Member at Large Bldg and Grounds, Stewardship
Katie DeLisle 2021 - 2022 Member  
Kevin Stitle 2020 - 2021 Member

St. Luke Athletic Committee

Joe Heidt   2020 - 2021 Member  
Daren Beam 2020 - 2021 Member  
Katee Schrage  2020 - 2021 Member Faith Formation
Maribeth Cloud        2020 - 2021 Member  
Katie Kumler    2020 - 2021 Member  

Non- Voting Members

Msgr. Schaedel Pastor/Chairman
Johnathan Grismore Principal, Admin Office
Jen Schaefer Assistant Principal
Bis Feldmann PTO President Liasion


Our Meetings

2020 - 2021 School Commission Dates

Exec Committee Meeting

7:30 am Finance/8:00 am Exec

Wednesday - typically

Held in the School Office

Full Commission Meeting


1st Tuesdays - typically

Held in the Cafeteria

August 4th August 12th
August 25th September 1st
September 29th October 6th 
October 27th November 3rd
November 24th December 1st
December 15th January 5th
January 26th February 2nd
February 23rd March 2nd
March 30th Apirl 6th
Apirl 27th May 4th
May 25th June 1st

Our Minutes