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Admissions Policies and Procedures

Admissions to St. Luke Catholic School shall be open to all students who are academically and socially prepared to attain a high level of academic success within the resources available to the students of our school.

Parents of prospective students should familiarize themselves with the following policies and procedures regarding our admissions process.

  1. Inquiry – Those parents who are interested in sending their students to St. Luke Catholic School should attend one of our Open Houses or schedule a private tour with our Assistant Principal in charge of Admissions.
  2. Application – Parents interested in moving forward with the application process are asked to submit a completed Application for Enrollment with all required documentation, including:
    1. $100 Application Fee (non-refundable);
    2. $300 Enrolmment Fee (refer to Application Checklist for discounts);
    3. Copy of Birth Certificate for each Applicant;
    4. Copy of Immunization Records for each Applicant;
    5. Copy of Academic Records for each Applicant (Grades 1-8) including:
      1. Report cards from the past two years;
      2. Standardized test scores (if available);
      3. Psychological or Educational testing (if available);
      4. Disciplinary records from prior school(s);
      5. Recommendation from the student’s current teacher(s).
    6. Copy of Baptismal Certificate, First Communion (Catholic Applicants);
  3. Screening / Shadow – Kindergarten applicants will participate in a Screening Process which will involve a series of tests aimed at assessing Kindergarten Readiness.  Applicants for grades 1-8 will participate in a Shadow Day allowing the student to experience St. Luke Catholic School for a day during which they will interact with students and teachers.  Teachers will administer a series of assessments to determine student readiness in the grade for which they are applying.  These assessments are an important part of our admissions process helping us to determine our ability to meet the particular needs of the applicant.
  4. Application Review – School administrators will meet to discuss individual applications to determine whether we have the necessary resources to meet the particular needs of the applicant.  This review includes an evaluation of the application and all supplemental materials including our readiness assessments, recommendations from our teachers who interacted with the applicant, previous academic records and any IEP or educational/psychological testing, as applicable.
  5. Decision – Admissions decisions will be communicated from the Assistant Principal in charge of Admissions.
  6. Priority – Available spaces, by grade, shall be filled as follows (in priority order):
    1. Catholic children of participating parishioners who are siblings of students currently attending or who have graduated from St. Luke Catholic School.
    2. Parishioner children without sibling(s) attending St. Luke Catholic School.
    3. Catholic children of non-participating parishioners.
    4. Siblings of non-Catholic students currently attending St. Luke Catholic School.
    5. Catholic children of non-parishioners.
    6. Non-Catholic Children.
  7. Transferring Families – Those families moving into the parish must submit a Letter of Good Standing from their current parish.  All financial obligations to previous school must be met before St. Luke Catholic School will consider an application.