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Buddies – Each fall the 8th grade students receive a 1st grade “buddy”.  The “buddies” do special activities throughout the year where the 8th grade students mentor and befriend their 1st grade buddies. 

Buddy Mass / Welcome Mass – The Welcome Mass occurs at the beginning of the school year.  New students, new teachers, and 1st grade buddies are escorted in to  the church and introduced to Monsignor at the beginning of mass.  Each teacher escorts their new students, the Principal escorts the new teachers, and the 8th grade students escort their 1st grade buddies. It is a beautiful way to welcome these individuals to the St. Luke family! 

Buddy Mass/ Farewell Mass - A special Mass is held at the end of the year to offer 8th graders and their 1st grade buddies an opportunity to celebrate mass and friendship together for the last time in the year.