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I-CAN Action Alert

We ask that you  call Representative Susan Brooks and ask that she sign the “Queen of the Hill” discharge petition to allow the House to debate immigration bills. Representative Brooks’ DC office number is 202-225-2276.  She has been very supportive of a solution for Dreamers (including signing on to pro-Dreamer legislations), but has not yet signed onto the discharge petition.
Background:  To date no immigration bill that would address the situation of Dreamers has been reported out of a U.S. House of Representatives Committee. On March 13, 2018, Representative Denham (R-CA) introduced a bill, the “Queen of the Hill” rule, that would allow four immigration bills, including the DREAM Act, to be debated and voted on by the full House. See a summary here. This bill has been referred to a Committee but has not been considered or voted upon.
A procedural process called a “discharge petition” can be filed by any member of the House on a bill or rule that has not been reported out by Committee, and if the petition is signed by 218 Members it forces the legislation to be considered on the floor of the House. Currently there are 18 Republicans who have signed the petition – you can see the most current list here. If all 193 Democrats sign the petition, then 25 Republicans need to sign the petition to reach 218. The next possible date that the “Queen of the Hill” bill could be considered is on June 25 which would require that the discharge petition to reach 218 signatures by June 11. Successful discharge petitions are highly unusual and can be seen as a challenge to leadership, so it is really important to have constituents let Representatives know they support having them sign the discharge petition.  
Please call Representative Brooks today at 202-225-2276.
Thank you.