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Financial Aid

St. Luke Catholic Church and School offers several forms of financial aid.  

State Choice Scholarships

These grants (vouchers) currently are avaiable to students who meet the income requirements and one of the following tracks:

  • Child attended public school the full previous school year and is entering first grade or higher
  • Child attended Pre-K through the state-funded 'On My Way' Pre-K Pilot program in the previous school year
  • Child is assigned to an 'F-rated' school based on residence for the coming school year
  • Child has a sibling who received a school voucher or tax credit scholarship at any time in their K-12 education
  • Child has a documented IEP or ISP
  • Child received a school voucher during any previous school year
  • Child received a school voucher the year before and would like to re-apply for a school voucher
  • Child received a tax credit scholarship from an approved SGO during any previous school year

Documentation of income is required via FACTS.  

For more information, contact the Parish Business Office or the Indiana Department of Education.  

St. Luke Catholic Church and School SGO Aid

St. Luke Catholic Church and School maintains a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) through the Institute for Quality Education.  Aid is income based.  See the qualifications as published by the Institute HERE.  

Documenation of income is requred via FACTS.

To apply or to get more information about SGP aid, please contact the Parish Business Office.  

Parish Financial Aid

All parish-based financial based must go through FACTS.  

This aid is limited to participating parishioner families.