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St. Luke Catholic School

Financial Aid Information

St. Luke Catholic School offers several forms of financial aid.  Please review this information and follow the instructions for each form
Parish Financial Aid: All parish-based financial aid must go through FACTS, a third party provider. The application is on the school website. This aid is limited to participating parishioner families.
St. Luke SGO Aid: St. Luke maintains a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) through The Institute for Quality Education SGO. This is aid is income based on current Federal Free and Reduced Lunch (FR) income levels. The application is is on i4qed.org website.  Please click on the link and return completed application to Tom Lauck.  Documentation is required. SGOs are now available for any family who meets the income requirements.
The Institute for Quality Education SGO: This is similar to the St. Luke SGO and uses the same application. They make an independent decision on amount of aid given. Their deadline is independent of St. Luke’s. The same restrictions apply to these grants as St. Luke SGO grants.
State Choice Scholarships: These grants (vouchers) currently are available to students who meet the income requirements, and are 1) transferring from a public school after two consecutive semesters, or 2) have received an SGO grant from St. Luke or Educational Choice Charitable Trust (now the Institute for Quality Education SGO, or 3) would have to attend an F rated school, 4) have an IEP or ISP, 5) have a sibling who has received a voucher or SGO grant, 6) qualified in a prior non-consecutive year for a Choice scholarship or SGO . Any student in the family already receiving a voucher may now qualify for a voucher. The application must be made after admission to St. Luke, and in person with the principal.  Documentation of income is required. These grants are based on income levels of 100% of FR and 150% of FR. Actual grant amounts depend on the home school corporation state funding.


Income Guidelines based on Federal Free and Reduced Lunch


Indiana Choice Scholarships

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