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Exodus Study

Exodus: Called to Freedom is an overview and explanation of the book of Exodus. Sessions begin on January 7 (10 AM - 11:15 AM)  and Thursdays (6:30 PM - 8:00 PM). Click here for more information.

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Vocations Week

November 4 through 11 is Vocations Week.

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Voting: Our Privilege, Our Responsibility

"We need to participate for the common good. Sometimes we hear: a good Catholic is not interested in politics. This is not true: good Catholics immerse themselves in politics by offering the best of themselves so that the leader can govern." - Pope Francis, 9/16/13

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Youth Ministry Pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Passion of Christ

 Pilgrimage to the
     Shrine of the Passion of Christ. 
         Sunday, Oct 21
     9:30am - 5:30pm
     St. John’s, Indiana


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What's the problem with Family Separation?

Many are talking about the latest topic in the immigration – family separation at the border. Here is a resource to help understand the costs and concerns raised by the Church and many others.
What is the problem with family separation? Why is the Church opposed to this new U.S.
policy? What are the costs?

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Speak Out to Stop Family Separation

The ongoing practice of separating children from their parents has already, as of May, left nearly 2000 children separated from their parents.  As Bishop Vásquez, Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Migration, and Sister Donna Markham OP PhD, President and CEO of Catholic Charities, remind us - as a nation and people of faith, we can and must do better.

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I-CAN Action Alert

Ask Representative Susan Brooks to sign the “Queen of the Hill” discharge petition to allow the House to debate immigration bills. 
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St. Luke Phone App

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Support for Refugees

In light of this year's troubling admissions, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Migration will be issuing a letter voicing support for refugees and the U.S. resettlement program. As we approach the half way mark for resettlement, we need your help to lift-up the Catholic community's voice in support of refugees.

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I-CAN Update for March 19

Wrap Up Update for I-CAN

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