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Marriage on Tap for January

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Begin the new year with a “date night” --enjoy a fabulous meal, fellowship with other married couples and listen to speakers Sonia Maria and Konrad Syzmanski

My ways are not your ways: Joys and challenges in a young marriage


Konrad and Sonia-Maria Szymanski have been married for 5 years. They moved to Indianapolis from Canada 4 years ago and are members of St. Joan of Arc parish.

Despite their rosy initial expectations, soon after tying the knot, they confronted infertility, financial trouble, immigration issues and health challenges. Their marriage has not only survived, but has been strengthened through these hardships. Drawing on their faith, love for one another and the support of friends, family and the Catholic community, they have come to see the joys amid these disappointments. It is one thing to pray for “what we need and not what we want.” But accepting this prayer being answered can be a hard pill to swallow.  They will attest that marriage is an exciting adventure full of surprises!

Sonia-Maria and Konrad look forward to sharing their story with you: the good, the bad and the hopeful.