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Looking for that "ladder up" in your journey to Heaven? Here is one way to help.

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St. Luke is engaged in replacing our four-foot fluorescent tubes with LED tubes without replacing the ballast or the light fixture. Thanks to Culture Lighting (one of our lighting suppliers) and a program with IPL, we are able to do this at no cost to St. Luke!  Our only requirement is to complete the project within 30 days from the arrival of the lamps.

To make this happen, we need volunteer help to install lights in all the classrooms.  We estimate that ten (10) teams of three persons each (one on a ladder, one un-boxing new lights, and one boxing up the used fluorescents) could finish one classroom in one hour.

We are estimating that this can be done Monday evening, September 19, from 7 PM to 10 PM, but will allow for completion on Tuesday evening if it is needed.  We will gather beforehand at 6:30 PM for a light meal, prayer, and a basic tutorial.

Save the environment - go paperless and register by clicking on this link! Or sign-up in the Narthex at this weekend Masses. Contact Jack Hill at popindyofs@gmail.com or 317-253-9677.

Notes about these lights:

  • unlike fluorescents, these lamps will have NO mercury, making them safe for the environment;
  • the LEDS will be about 30% more energy efficient than our T8 fluorescents;
  • the average life of an LED should be approximately 50,000 hours, which would be over ten years (depending on the hours used each day); and
  • the LEDS work much better with occupancy control sensors, like those that we just installed in each restroom in our facility.