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Academics, Attendance & Athletic Participation


The following Academic and Attendance policies are outlined in the St Luke Catholic School Handbook.  The full document can be found by clicking the link at the top left.

Athletics and Academics

The parish athletic program at St. Luke is under the supervision of the St. Luke Athletic Committee (SLAC). The program includes a variety of sports for both girls and boys. All are under the supervision of the Athletic Committee, and are sanctioned by CYO. All fees are due before a student will be placed on a team. It is the policy of the St. Luke School Commission that students participating in the CYO sports programs must maintain at least a passing grade (D or better) in all subjects beginning with the issuance of the first mid-term report.

Academic Exclusion Policy:

1.A student participating in sports, and whose grade average in a subject falls to an F, during any period will be suspended immediately for a minimum of one week from sports and other school sanctioned extracurricular activities, including practices. This suspension will be in effect until a passing grade is achieved or a release is obtained from the school principal.  Non school students will be required to submit a statement that indicates no failing grade in any subject.

2. Parents are at liberty to remove their child from teams if they feel that participation is impairing their academic progress. A student who is absent or suspended from school during the day may not participate in an athletic practice or game on that same day.

ATTENDANCE  (revised 11/10)

Regular attendance is extremely important. It is also important that students arrive on time each day. The following is expected:
1. Students are expected to attend school every day that they are not ill.
2. School begins at 8:00 A.M. Children must be in homerooms at that time. Students who are tardy will need to stop in the office for a pass to be admitted to class. Students dropped off after 8:05 MUST be signed in by a parent. When a student is tardy more than three (3) times (unexcused) in a quarter, that student shall miss recess activity on that day and any other days tardy that quarter. The student will be physically active by walking in a prescribed area during recess but shall not play during this time.
3. Absence/tardy for reasons other than medical reasons or family emergencies will be regarded as unexcused.
4. Parents/guardians must call the school office by 9:00 A.M. to report an absence and request homework.
5. A doctor's statement may be required after three (3) consecutive days of absence.
6. A written note is required to excuse a child from an activity for medical reasons. Doctor and other necessary appointments should be scheduled after school hours if possible. If several appointments are necessary, please schedule them at different times during the day and on different days of the week if at all possible. This keeps the student from missing the same classes consistently.
7. Removing students from school for family vacations, trips, athletic or other such event is an unexcused absence. Teachers will not prepare work or assignments in advance for any such trip. Parents choosing to remove students for vacations take responsibility for their child's education during the absence. Student work that is missed during such an absence will be considered late if it is not in class on the day of return. Work may be faxed or e-mailed to the teacher. Tests or quizzes must be made up the day of return. Students are responsible for making up missed work as stated in the homework policy. Such absences often have a negative impact on grades.
8. It is the policy of St. Luke that a student who does not attend a full day of school because of illness or any other reason will be unable to attend school functions or participate in any academic, extra-curricular, or athletic activity on the same day.  Following CDC guidelines, students who vomit, run a fever or 100 degrees or higher, or have diarrhea may not participate in ANY school-sponsored, youth ministry, or athletic event until they have been free of these symptoms for 24 hours.
9. Frequent absence may impact both academic performance and grades, and may result in non-promotion at the end of the year.
10.Students who are more than two hours late or who leave more than two hours early will be considered absent one-half day.
11.These policies do not apply to family emergencies, funerals or other significant events that have been cleared with the principal.


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